League Rules

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  1. Dugouts: Home Team will be assigned the Third Base Dugout, at any neutral field.
  2. Official Division Game: will consist of 7 complete innings, or 2 hours & 15 minutes of play, The Game Clock starts when the first recorded pitch is thrown. Any inning which began before the 2 hour 15 minute game clock expired, must be continued to its conclusion to constitute an official League Game. No new inning will be allowed to start once the game clock has expired.
  3. SCORING: No 10 run rule applies, (Scoring limits will have no effect on Official Game Length, or Time, which remains at 7 complete innings, unless both Team Managers agree to end the game) 2 hour & 15 minute time limit still applies.
  4. Any person playing in the PABC League must have a valid signed player contract and waiver form, before any Team or Team Manager allows a person/player to take the field.
  5. Each PABC Team is limited to a 20-man roster cap. Team rosters are restricted to the following:
    1. All players must be 35 + years old within the calendar year of a current seasons play to be eligible.
    2. Only Pitchers previously officially listed on a Team Roster prior to game day, and registered with the league office are eligible to pitch.
    3. If any team adds a player to its existing 20-man active roster cap during the season, an existing player must be “Listed as Injured” and removed from the Roster, before placing a new player on their active roster. (A player listed as injured, may return to the active roster only if there is room under the 20-man cap.)
    4. Exception: An existing league player from any team, with a current valid contract and waiver form on file, can be recruited as a fill-in player, for any team which believes they will have  less than 9 players at game time.
  6. A Team with less than 8 players at scheduled game start time equals a team forfeit. A Team can start and finish a game with 8 players minimum.
  7. When a team has only 8 players to start the game, no out will be recorded for the vacant 9th position in the order.
    1. If a team has only 9 available players, a player who is able to play in the field, must bat his turn in the lineup, unless that player has an obvious injury preventing him from batting, or running to base.
    2. If a player has been in the lineup as a batter and becomes unavailable for the rest of that game, either because of injury or leaving the game (must go to work, etc.) the team will not be charged an out when his time at bat is reached.
    3. Exception: A Player ejected by the Umpire will cause the team to be assessed an out each time that players turn in the batting lineup is reached, if his removal causes the line up to drop below 9. ie: no offensive replacement available, or Team only had 9, including ejected player available to bat.
  8. Only the Team Manager may discuss ANYTHING with Umpires. Umpires are in charge of the game once started, and their rulings are final, subject to permitted protest procedures. (refer to NABA protest rules).
  9. No Umpire, official, or player abuse will be tolerated. No abusive or foul language, trash talking, taunting, or racial slurs will be tolerated what so ever. This will be considered a League Infraction subject to league suspension, or expulsion, at its sole discretion, depending upon the severity of the incident.
  10. Base runners must slide straight to a base, within the normal path, to avoid collisions at all bases including home plate. Runners not sliding must peel away from base paths, in a direction as to not interfere with any defensive play. FAILING TO SLIDE, OR PEEL AWAY, or to cause DEFENSIVE INTERFERENCE in the act of PEELING AWAY, WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC OUT. No base runner may impede, or obstruct a defensive player in his ability to field a batted ball. The defender has the right to his attempt to field the ball without any obstruction from a base runner. The runner must avoid the defender in this situation, FAILURE TO SO WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC OUT.
  11. Catchers cannot block home plate without the ball. This means a catcher MUST be out of the base path, leaving a clear path to the plate, until the ball arrives. VIOLATION of this BY THE CATCHER WILL RESULT IN THE RUNNER AUTOMATICALLY BEING CALLED SAFE.
  12. Zero tolerance for base runner collisions with catchers at home plate, runners must slide directly into home plate, or the opposite side of the plate to which the catcher is set up. Any Base Runner intentionally causing a collision, with a catcher who is in compliance with rule 11. IS AN AUTOMATIC OUT.
    1. Non-runner players must be listed on line-up card and reported to umpires before start of game.
    2. Non-runner limit of 3 players per team only, and courtesy runner shall be the last batted out.
  13. Catchers must run for themselves, unless listed before the game start as a non-runner. EXCEPTION: a catcher may request a runner, only with two outs in the inning, to speed up the game.
  14. Helmets must be worn to Bat, or in the On Deck position at all times, including all base running. (Helmets are recommended, but not required for base coaches).
  15. Player clothing = A Jersey; approved baseball pants and a baseball hat. (Try to dress as a team).
  16. Players only in the dugouts. Exception: Batboy(s), or trainers with signed league waiver form.
  17. Tie Scores: If after 7 complete innings the score remains tied, the game will end in a Tie.
  18. Any situation not covered in the 16 rules listed will be determined as per the current NABA rule book.